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Wanderlust in Croatia


I returned to my homeland of Croatia for my cousin's wedding this summer. Last year my trip to Croatia set into motion the most transformative year of my life, so in a way it felt like a conclusion to come back a year later. Before my trip last year I quit my job and was determined to make joy my priority and do only what I felt aligned to. This decision gave me some of the most incredible months and experiences, I knew what it truly felt to be in constant bliss. I learned that you can truly create a life you love. But life will always flow and those highs had to come down at some point. I learned the biggest lesson from this time and was able to uncover deep wounds that were finally able to heal. This humbling and very beautiful year brought me back to it all, my roots in the most beautiful country I have ever been to. There is definitely a reason I am from here and the more I appreciate and allow my culture to influence me, the more I become my true self. 

This year my trip to Croatia was all about family and exploring on my own. I met cousins I never knew existed! One cousin in particular shared so many similarities to me it was like she truly was a younger sister. I also spent alot of time with my wanderlust cousin who has travelled the world and we share that love for seeing new places. It is amazing to think that for years I didn't know how I fit into this culture and yet I found other people in my family who shared the same beliefs and loves that I do! I also had an incredible moment hearing stories about my grandmother who I have never met (in this lifetime) who I am named after. She died before I was born but I found out that I look the most similar to her and we share so many of the same qualities. I have been to Croatia so many times but I think this time I had the maturity and interest to really know where I came from, to know how long before I was even born this place and its people shape who I am. Like my cousin Tina would say "part of me is Croatian, part of me Swiss and part of me is from Cuba," (she has travelled everywhere and feels called to those places). I feel exactly the same, part of me Croatian, part Canadian and part of me from the mountains and the desert of California. 

I spent most of my time in Zadar where my parents built a house. I also went to Brinje and Gospic for the wedding. A small region in Lika just over the Velebit mountains where you will find the castle Sokolac and a whole lot of sheep. It was a magical little village for an authentic Croatian wedding. I also travelled to the northern region of Croatia and stayed in Rovinj. This quickly became my favourite place I have ever been to in Croatia. It use to be a part of Italy and that Italian influence is definitely still felt. It was the most romantic and beautiful town I have ever seen and most of these photos are from there. It is really a place you need to see and I cannot wait to explore more of the small port town next year. 

This country enchants anyone who visits it and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. Still so much to explore, every year I discover a little more of the mystery and of myself and my ancient roots. 

my favourite places in Croatia:

Zagreb - Zrno Bistro for vegan food

Sibenik - Krka National park waterfalls

Zadar - the best surrounding secret beaches and my home

Rovinj - northern coastal town, the pearl of Istria and the most beautiful

Brinje - Sokolac castle 

Paklenica - rock climbing and hiking

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