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Grace Design


This new styling journey seemed to sweep into my life, an extension of who I am and what I love. I love the process of creation, taking a single idea and even an inkling of an idea and dreaming of it coming to life. I love to be a part of the process, my strengths in finding the perfect location come from intuition and my attention to detail, then combining all the other elements to make a cohesive story. After my Nashville styling adventure I knew I wanted to do more...

Alison Gledhil, the designer and creator of Grace Design, had a strong vision. Her design skills, appreciation of tradition, her incredible collection and clear intentions made it so easy to see that vision. We discussed the themes of the lookbook shoot: folklore, nomadic, tradition, bohemian, and mystical. These ideas pulled me in and we started to craft the landscape of this vision. I knew location was essential (I always believe location is essential) and a horse ranch I have always wanted to visit jumped into my mind, on purpose I believe. It was decided right then, we needed a horse and we needed to use that ranch. I was able to book the ranch and everything else seemed to flow into place. Scarlet O'Neill (my always collaborator) was excited to create this vision and was perfect for it, Murphy MacDonald-Rea's beauty and mystery not to mention her crazy amazing long hair was the perfect choice (and she has the coolest name) and Alison Sharp killed it with the makeup and hair design, she understands story and her talents are unparalleled. The dream team was set, each of us having the right skills for the right part and everything blended in the most perfect way that I knew this shoot would exceed my expectations, and it did in a big way!

Alison's collection was heavily influenced by her trip to Morocco. She incorporates vintage fabrics from Morocco and other exotic locations to her purses. She weaves history and ancient tradition into all of her designs, making each purse unique with their own story. Her passion and expertise is seen in the quality of her line, rich with texture and has tradition woven into its seems while remaining the perfect companion for any modern look. To witness this passion and to be able to work alongside people who truly love what they do is such a gift to me. I also couldn't be more grateful to have worked with such incredible women. Celebrating women, collaborating and complimenting each others talents is what it's all about, it's what makes these projects extraordinary.

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